• What Is DeFi?

    DeFi (decentralized finance) is the finance component of Web3. It simply represents all decentralized applications that fall under the category of finance

    DeFi protocols replace the traditional intermediaries, such as banks, with smart contracts that execute transactions when conditions are met.

    Anyone can become a market maker in DeFi, just as anyone can lend/borrow crypto or stake their crypto to earn yield.

    Advantages of DeFi

    When compared to traditional finance institutions, DeFi excels in many …

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  • What Are Gas Fees & How Is It Determined?

    What Are Gas Fees?

    Fees are necessary for just about every blockchain to exist, and the Ethereum network is no exception.

    Gas fees are paid to Ethereum validators to validate the transaction within a block, which is necessary to get a block added to the blockchain. 

    Gas fees are often denominated in ‘gwei’, but paid in ether (ETH). A single gwei represents one billionth of one ETH.

    Gas Fee Formula

    The first step in determining how much gas you will pay is to locate the current gas fees. You …

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  • Why Can't I Access My tastycrypto Wallet?

    You may not be able to access your wallet for a few different reasons:

    1. Can't locate your wallet extension?

      1. Ensure you are using the same browser in which the wallet was initially installed

      2. Given how there are different users that can be associated with a Chrome browser, make sure you logged in the correct user profile

    2. Already have a tastycrypto wallet but using a different device for the first time? (ex: currently have a browser wallet extension and using the mobile app for the first time)

      1. The …

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  • How Can I Send NFT's To My tastycrypto Wallet?

    Sending NFTs isn’t as simple as sending cryptocurrency. This is because the sending of NFTs requires a piece of software that isn’t built-in to most self-custody wallets.

    Fortunately, there are numerous third-party solutions available that facilitate the transfer of NFTs into your tastycrypto wallet from a different wallet provider.

    The most popular way to do this is through OpenSea, which is a leading NFT marketplace.

    Follow the steps below to send an NFT into your tastycrypto self-custody …

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  • How Can I Transfer Crypto From My tastytrade Account To tastycrypto?

    Currently, you cannot transfer crypto from your tastytrade account to your tastycrypto wallet, although, we are working on it! We should have this feature available soon!

    Still have questions? Reach out to us at support@tastycrypto.com

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