Why Can't I Access My tastycrypto Wallet?

You may not be able to access your wallet for a few different reasons:

  1. Can't locate your wallet extension?

    1. Ensure you are using the same browser in which the wallet was initially installed

    2. Given how there are different users that can be associated with a Chrome browser, make sure you logged in the correct user profile

  2. Already have a tastycrypto wallet but using a different device for the first time? (ex: currently have a browser wallet extension and using the mobile app for the first time)

    1. The existing wallet must be imported to the new device

    2. Even though the existing wallet has been imported, it can still be accessed from the original device

  3. Forgot your password? Click here

    Note: You must have your recovery phrase to complete any of these steps. You would have received your recovery phrase at the time of wallet setup. tastycrypto does not hold or have access to your recovery phrase.

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