Wallet Setup

The tastycrypto wallet mobile app is available for download in the App Store for iPhone. the Google Play store for Android, and Google Chrome Store as a browser extension.

Once the app/browser extension has been downloaded, follow the instructions below:

Creating A New Wallet

  1. Select Create New Wallet:

    1. If you already have an existing wallet, click here for wallet import instructions.

  1. Create password and select Continue:


  2. Enable/skip biometric enablement for future logins.

    1. This can be changed at any time.

  3. Backup recovery phrase

    1. The recovery phrase can be backed up at a later time, but it is best practice to backup at the time of creating your wallet.

      *Note: Store your recovery phrase in a secure location. Anyone with access to your secret recovery phrase will be able to access your wallet and all of the crypto in it. Your recovery phrase cannot be recovered if lost

  4. Write down your recovery phrase and acknowledge the message at the bottom of the screen. Select Continue:

  5. Verify recovery phrase and select Continue:


  6. Select the coins you would want to view in your wallet. Select Create Wallet:

    1. You can change the coins you view in you wallet at any time. Click here for instructions on how to add/remove coins.

    2. Adding coins to this list does not mean the coin has been purchased. This list allows you to view the coins you own, as well as acting as a watchlist for coins you are interested in.

  7. Wallet has been successfully created!


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