Wallet Activity

The activity screen provides a list of transactions conducted within a wallet. Transactions can be filtered by time frame (daily, weekly, monthly) and/or coins.

You can also repeat a transaction from the Activity screen (for instructions on how to repeat a transaction, skip to step 6.)

  1. Log into your tastycrypto wallet:

  2. Select Activity in the bottom navigation bar:

    1. If you are using the Chrome browser extension, click on Activity on the top of the screen.

  3. You will be able to view all transactions conducted to a specific wallet.

    1. Transactions can be filtered by time frame and coins

    2. You can switch between different wallets in the top right hand corner to view transaction activities

  1. Click on a specific transaction to view the transaction details

    1. To view the transaction on Etherscan, select the transaction status link.

  2. To repeat a transaction, click Repeat

    1. This is only available for "Sent" transactions

    2. Repeat function is not available in the Chrome wallet extension

  1. The Send screen will appear with the To field populated with the public address that tokens were previously sent to

    1. The token amount/fiat amount will not auto populate and must be entered manually.

  2. To continue with sending tokens, refer to Step 4 in Transfer Crypto

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