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You can send/receive crypto to another one of your wallets or to an individual by obtaining the receiving address:

  • You can transfer crypto to/from Coinbase, Robinhood, etc.

  • You can obtain the receiving address in other wallets/exchange accounts by clicking 'Receive'. 

  • If you are sending to another party, that party will have to provide the receiving address. 

  • You can receive crypto from your own account at an external exchange or from a third party. 

Note: All blockchains have different address formats. For example, all Ethereum addresses begin with "0X..." If you are sending Ethereum out of your wallet to a different address, make sure the recipient address beings with 0X.

You cannot send Bitcoin to an Ethereum wallet, or Ethereum to a Bitcoin wallet. Most wallets will flag its user if they try to send Bitcoin directly to an Ethereum wallet, or Ether directly to a Bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin sent to Ethereum wallets (and vice versa) will get lost and cannot be recovered.

Currently, you cannot send/receive crypto from the tastytrade brokerage to tastycrypto.

  1. Log into your tastycrypto wallet:
  1. Select Send/Receive (ensure you are in the correct wallet):
  2. Select the coin you wish to send/receive:
  3. If you are sending crypto: Input the send information: receiving address and either the asset amount or the USD amount. Select Adjust Fee:

    If you are receiving crypto: An address to receive coins/tokens will be generated. This address should be shared with the third party or entered into your external exchange.

    1. If you received coins/tokens to your wallet and are not able to view it, most likely the asset has not been added to your asset list. To learn about adding an asset to your list, click here.

    2. The time it will take to receive your crypto will depend on the network activity and/or the amount in fees paid.

  4. Before you send the crypto, you have the option to adjust the priority/fees of the transaction (to learn more about gas fees read here.

    1. Gas fees will be calculated by tastycrypto

    2. tastycrypto neither controls or receives any of the gas fees paid. Gas fees will be paid directly to the Ethereum network to pay validators.

    3. The time it takes to send crypto depends on the network activity, which in turn can increase the fees to be paid per transaction.
  1. Once the transaction has been sent, you can locate the transaction history in the Activity section of the navigation menu of the home screen.

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