Token Details

The token detail screen provides specific token information.

  • Token details is only available in the mobile app.

  • The specific token must be displayed in your asset list. To add a token to your asset display list, click here

  1. Log into your tastycrypto wallet:
  2. From the asset list, select the token. For instructions on how to add an asset to the list, click here.
  3. The following information for each token in your asset list can be viewed:

    1. Pricing: current price, percentage change, and pricing history.

    2. Coin Info:

      1. Market Stats (click on the information button next to each category for additional details):

        1. Market Cap: total value of all the coins that have been mined

          1. Market Rank: position of the token in the crypto market

        2. Volume: cumulative sum of the token being bought and sold in the market

        3. Circulating supply: total number of tokens that are publicly available and circulating in the market

        4. Volatility: the degree of fluctuation or rapid and unpredictable change in price

        5. Correlation: the degree in which asset prices move together (positive correlation) or against each other (negative correlation)

    3. About the token

    4. Current news

    5. History:

      1. Transaction history

    6. Current amount of tokens owned

  4. You can also Buy, Receive, Send, and Swap from this screen.

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