tastycrypto Safety & Security Tips

In this tutorial, we’ll go over a few different actions you can take to secure your tastycrypto self-custody wallet.

  1. Have a clean web browser 

  • The tastycrypto wallet extension will be initially compatible only with the Google Chrome web browser. Your Google Chrome browser may have Malicious software (Malware) installed on it without you even knowing. 

  • This malware has the potential to expose a browser wallet seed phrase. With access to this seed phrase, a bad actor could drain all crypto in your wallet. 

  • This malware is often installed before a user even has the tastycrypto wallet installed on their browser. The moment the account is funded, the malware sends this crypto to a different, unrecoverable address. It is therefore wise to make your initial deposit into your tastycrypto wallet very small. 

  • Use the following link from Google may help to eliminate any unwanted programs installed on your web browser: Google: Remove unwanted ads, pop-ups & malware

  1. Write down and store your seed phrase in a secure place. 

  • The majority of crypto lost is not through bad actors, but from user negligence. 

  • Business Insider reports that in 2022 more than half a billion dollars worth of Bitcoin alone will be lost due to users losing their seed phrase or improperly recording it. 

  • When presented with your tastycrypto wallet seed phrase, write it down, and then double-check that you did indeed write all the proper words down in the right place. 

*For security reasons, tastycrypto does not have access to your seed phrase. If you lose it, we will be unable to recover it for you. 

  • Lock your device when you are not using it. 

  • If you are in a public place, it is always best practice to lock your device before you step away. A bad actor only needs a few seconds to access an unlocked device and send out all your crypto. When it comes to your crypto, the best advice is to trust no one. 

  • Disconnect from dApps when not using them.

    • When connected to decentralized applications (such as Uniswap and Lido), it is best practice to manually disconnect your wallet from these protocols following the termination of your business. A continued connection can only put your wallet at more risk. 

  • Only connect to your wallet through a secure internet connection. Untrusted connections can open your device (and wallet) to vulnerabilities. It is therefore wise to only use your Google Chrome web browser with a secure internet connection. 

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