How Can I Send NFT's To My tastycrypto Wallet?

Sending NFTs isn’t as simple as sending cryptocurrency. This is because the sending of NFTs requires a piece of software that isn’t built-in to most self-custody wallets.

Fortunately, there are numerous third-party solutions available that facilitate the transfer of NFTs into your tastycrypto wallet from a different wallet provider.

The most popular way to do this is through OpenSea, which is a leading NFT marketplace.

Follow the steps below to send an NFT into your tastycrypto self-custody wallet from a different wallet using OpenSea:

Note: Though we are using Opensea as a transfer tool for pre-existing NFTs, you can also use this marketplace to purchase your first NFT!

  1. Connect to OpenSea

    1. Visit the OpenSea website and ‘connect’ the wallet holding the NFT you want to send. (e.g., MetaMask). Make sure that the sending wallet is indeed OpenSea compatible.

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  2. Locate and Transfer NFT

    1. After you are connected to OpenSea, you will be able to view all of your NFTs. Choose the NFT you want to send, and click ‘transfer’.
  1. Enter your Receiving Address:

    1. Enter the address of the receiving wallet (tastycrypto). Alternatively, you can scan your ETH QR code to simplify this process. The address we use to receive (and send) NFTs is our default Ethereum network address.
  1. Confirm and Send

    1. Next up, you will need to send the transaction to the Ethereum blockchain network for validation. This will involve paying a small network fee (Ethereum Gas Fee)

  2.  Await Confirmation

    1. All Ethereum transactions must be validated before they are confirmed. This process usually takes only a couple of minutes.

  3. NFT Delivery

Congratulations! The NFT should now be located under the ‘NFT’ tab of your tastycrypto wallet.

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