Transaction Fees:

  • A fee of 0.5% is added on to every buy transaction.

  • A fee of 0.75% is included in every token swap transaction.

Gas Fees:

  • Gas fees are paid to miners to validate a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain.

    • These fees can vary based on the network congestion

  • tastycrypto does not receive any portion of gas fees.

Third-Party Fees:

Third-Party fees depend on the provider (additional providers will be added soon!)

Transak (buy crypto provider)

  • Fees charged by Transak are based on the payment method used to purchase crypto

  • These fees do not include any fees charged by tastycrypto

  • Refer to Transak for additional fee information

Payment Method 

Transak Fee 

SEPA Instant Bank Transfer 

0.99% (1 EUR minimum) 

Faster Payment Bank Transfer 

0.99% (1GBP minimum) 

Open Banking 


Cash App 

0.75% + 2 USD 





UPI Bank Transfer 

0.49% + 150 INR fixed 


0.49% + 150 INR fixed 

MobiKwik Payments 

2.99 % (100 INR minimum) 

Apple Pay 

3.5% for EUR & GBP 

3.99% for USD & AUD 

5.5% for other currencies 

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