Displaying Assets To Your Wallet

When you initially create a tastycrypto wallet, you will be prompted to select which assets (coins/tokens) you would would like to view on the home page of your wallet.

This allows you to not only view the assets you currently own, but also acts as a watchlist which will allow you to easily view the current pricing/movements of the assets you are interested in. You can add an unlimited number of assets to your display list.

  1. Log into your tastycrypto wallet:

  1. Click "+":

  2. Click on the asset you would like to display. This will display a checkmark next to the asset name and will be added under the Added section of the list. To remove an asset from your display list, simply click on the asset. This will remove the checkmark next to the asset name and also remove the asset from the display list. Once your preferred assets have been added/removed, select Save Changes:


    4. To add an asset that is not listed in the asset list, select Import Asset on the top right corner of the screen:


    5. Enter all of the required details and select Add Asset:


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